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This is my last post.

Hi everyone!

This is a really sad post, but I don’t feel happy knowing that my mum is now reading this blog and everything that I say. The blog was a way to get everything out of me and telling someone I don’t know physically about all my problems and feelings without getting embarrassed. But I guess now, it’s not ‘safe’ for me to do that, now that my own MUM is reading! So, mum, I guess your getting what you wanted- no more blog, no more chatting to strangers. Hope your happy! So sorry to all my lovely readers who enjoy the posts I have published and thank you for giving me support on the blog by following and leaving likes. It all means so much, even if now it is all ending for me, P. M will continue writing though, so you can still read this blog, even if I no longer write it alongside her.

I’m still going to carry on reading all of your blogs (because they are all absolutely fabulous) but I just wont read them as P from Spot a Dot.

I’m quite sad I’ve to stop writing, but otherwise I’d just feel super conscious of what I can or can’t write- and I ant to be able to write freely without worrying what is to happen in the future, depending on what I say.

Love P, XOX

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The Wall, Chapter 3

Hey guys!!

How is everyone doing?

I thought I would post the next chapter of my little story today because I have way more free time now and I’d love to devote more of it to writing. Thank you so much for all of your views, likes and comments, they really mean so much and I appreciate every single one. Hope you all enjoy!

I can see shards of broken beer bottles littering their territory. I can see fresh graffiti covering the walls of the dimly-lit subway, a kaleidoscope of vibrant colours. I can’t see them. The Gang. My mouth goes dry. The gang are like a tarantula; not knowing where they are is worse than seeing them right in front of your very eyes. Lose sight of them, and you automatically become vulnerable. They are waiting. Waiting. Sun kisses my face as I break into a run, and leave the subway. The hairs on the back of my neck are stood on end and I feel a little queasy. I enter through the glass double doors, step around the wet patch on the marble floor that has just been cleaned, and make a beeline for the climbing gym. My second home. They look a little surprised to see me without a bloody nose or blue and black bruises streaked across by pale skin. They’re my world, the family I chose for myself. There’s five of us, including myself. Anthony (who prefers to be known as simply ‘Ant’) is the rebellious one, the ’emo’. I’ve never seen the insides of his wardrobe, but I can imagine there’s a lot of black leather and silver studs involved. He also has an unhealthy obsession with beanies- he even has a designated one in which he sleeps, and one of a different shade for each day of the week. He has several tattoos too, but nowhere near as menacing as ones that The Gang sport. I am led to believe that one is an arrow-heart inside which there is the name of his girlfriend, July. She couldn’t be more opposite to him if she tried. While he opts for a basic crew cut which he claims is “both cool and practical”, she drowns in a mass of blonde curls which fall like a cascade of molten gold and taper off at her waist. Though his features are sharp and distinct, as though carved into the trunk of a sapling, hers are soft: cheeks full and rounded, nose small and perfectly proportionate. They both come to greet me in the doorway.

“Your legs look horrific in those leggings.” Ant remarks. Charming. He should’ve guessed they were lent to me by no other than July, a lover of everything glitzy and girly. I look down to see that, although I hate to admit it, he is kind of right. The leggings look almost alien against my battered climbing harness and chalk bag. The sequins that spell the word PINK are reflecting the evening sunlight, so that they cast a pattern of sparkly orbs of light onto the wall.

“It’s called fashion,” July retaliates, “Clearly you’ve never heard of such a term.” She gestures towards his torn jeans, so bedraggled that I can see more of Ant’s perfect olive skin than the black denim threads which hold together the garment. They go on squabbling for a while. I catch short snippets of the argument though I’m not properly listening. Something else catches my eye. I wander away and the volume of their voices seems to trickle away, as if falling through a plug-hole. My feet hit the spongey mats lining the floor of the bouldering wall, and I bounce on the balls of my feet a little. I’m waiting but I don’t know what for. It’s as if fate dragged me here for a reason I have not yet established.


I know everyone who regularly visits this climbing gym: from the toddler who took his first steps only last year right in the corner of the spectating area to the elderly woman, who, even in her old age, turns up every Thursday to battle her way through the intermediate-advanced routes. I do not recognise the figure using the bouldering wall on this particular occasion, nor can I recall anybody I know with a similar climbing style to him. He has a muscular figure which I can see he uses largely to his advantage, in addition to the fact he is small and slight. He whistles through the air, his every move dynamic and powerful. This does not make him clumsy. He lands every jump with immaculate precision. I watch in awe for a long time, yet I haven’t seen his face. He falls to the ground with a thud, and suddenly, I become quite self-conscious. I wonder if he knows I have been watching him for all this time. As he turns around, my heart simultaneously leaps into my mouth and sinks down to my feet like a grenade in water. It’s him. He’s the smallest, but his punches always have the most force. Now I know why. My gut squirms in memory of the countless injuries he has inflicted upon me over the years. His eyes meet mine. I can tell instantly he knows exactly who I am, yet why wouldn’t he? I break into a cold sweat, but don’t break eye contact. I tense my entire body, so that if he strikes now, I’ll just bounce back. He doesn’t. I realise that his eyes aren’t in fact black like the rest of The Gang’s members, but deep blue, like the depths of an Arctic ocean. His eyelashes frame them so that they are his most prominent feature. The hair which falls across his face is sunset orange, and perfectly groomed, unlike the rat’s tails caused by grease build up which I often notice in the hair of other Gang members. His hooked nose is crooked, as if it’s been broken several times. Sounds familiar, actually. The freckles across his nose are admittedly attractive but at the same time make me want to puke. That applies for every cell of his damned body. He smells of rose scented soap. I there and then make a vow to myself that I will bin my own rose soap as soon as I return to my apartment. He is taking me in. The strips holding my crushed nose in place. The twelve stiches on my forearm slowly healing the gash caused by shards of glass from broken beer bottles. And the nicer parts of me too: my forest green eyes, strawberry blonde bob, and showering of fading freckles across every inch of my skin.

After what seems like an eternity, he finally speaks. His teeth are perfectly straight, and pearly white.

“Hey.” He mumbles. Anger boils inside me and I am just about to bubble over the edge. After all that he has done to me. To Ant and July, and to Theo and Sebastian too. He says ‘hey’. Before I stop myself, I slap him square across the face. The stinging contact of skin upon skin sends smacking noises all through the building. He staggers back, amazed, holding his face in his hands and curling into a ball on the floor. His reaction startles me. This is the exact same position I resort to during beatings from The Gang. He doesn’t look so tough now. I smirk. And then I rewind my thought process and am shocked with myself. I am no better than him. I suddenly feel very guilty. But abandon this feeling twisting my insides into a knot, after all that he has done to me. His name is Jackson Donahew. He is the youngest member of The Gang. And he is here.

Thank you so much for reading. Don’t forget, all of your feedback is greatly appreciated!! I hope you all enjoyed, and have a lovely day, whenever you are reading this.


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The Wall, Chapter 2


So I have had the best week ever (more on that another time) and thought therefore I would take the time to write the next chapter to the story since the response seemed pretty good when I wrote chapter one. YAY!

So without further ado (because nobody enjoys reading a load of waffle) here it is!


My name is Charley Chapelworth. I am a climber who works at the local climbing gym in my spare time in order to gain enough money to pay of my university tuition fees. My parents are dead. Some say they were reckless, crazy even. And perhaps they were- yet I prefer to think of it as a heroic way to end life. They died when I was seven, while attempting to summit Everest for the fourth time, and simultaneously leading a determined group of intermediate mountaineers, who had hoped to see the view from the top of the world’s icy peak, but did not make it either. Conditions were harsh, and during a ferocious storm, oxygen levels depleted significantly. This left the group no other choice but to descend the mountain. Every single one of them was taken out by a sizeable avalanche close to midnight. I never got the chance to say goodbye. They were courageous, selfless people who did not deserve what fate mercilessly threw at them Since then, I have taught myself to be independent, though naturally, the family-shaped hole in my heart has not yet healed.

Another thing about myself is that I know a lot about people. I know why some people suffer with a crippling depression while others subconsciously vow to be eternal optimists. I could tell you where the fears that live within the darkest corner of the mind originate. I know that the timid have the loudest minds, that the confident are silently crumbling inside. This is because I am undergoing a PHD in psychology at Oxford University. I am familiar with the human mind, yet I doubt you would need a qualification like mine to be able to comprehend the reason behind The Gang’s inhuman actions- specifically aimed towards me. Myself and The Gang have a certain similarity when it comes to the fate of our families. They too lost their close relatives to the icy bite of the Roof of the World. So I guess with that in mind we have a lot more in common than as it first appears, though that’s where the similarities end. That, and the fact that they are also competitive sport climbers. The Gang (they clearly failed to conjure up a more intimidating title) is composed of 5 burly young men, who, I have come to realise, are all related through blood. They share several common features, such as their eyes, so dark that they are almost as black as the pupil itself, pits of hatred. They have long, chestnut brown hair which flops over their faces. You get the impression that they’re hiding something unspeakable behind that curtain of untamed locks. Grotesque tattoos cover almost every square inch of their olive skin; their eyelashes are long and dark, thick brows furrowed. You get a squirming feeling inside your gut whenever you see the five dark figures approaching, one that feels like hundreds of writhing snakes struggling inside you.

The deaths of my parents are the reason that they are orphans. Their family were the group of intermediate mountaineers my parents unintentionally led to their deaths on Everest in April, 1999.

Their abuse towards me is for one reason only: vengeance.


As usual, thank you so much for reading, and if you have any suggestions for what could happen next, or just opinions in general, I would really love to read your feedback!

Love from M xx



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The Wall chapter 1

Hi guys

So because I’m nice  I figured I shouldn’t abandon my lovely readers (which is kind of what I’ve been doing lately- sorry) so I’ve written you the first part to a story. Before I begin I just want to point out that even though this is written in first person none of it is based on a true story. Stating the obvious. Nice one. Anyway, here it is:

Thick blood is smeared across my face like an abstract painting, gushing from my nose in a torrent of brilliant red. I just step off the bus, and am outside the sports centre when it happens. They are waiting for me. They spring upon me; I am drowning in thrashing limbs. I think of one thing only, the whole time. Not the pain spreading throughout my bones like a wildfire. Not the solid crunch which sounded as my nose is promptly stamped on. I focus on the opaque, deep red substance trickling down their balled fists. It has a kind of beauty. I gave up a long time ago. I used to believe that I would find a way out of this infinite tunnel, yet it has become clear I have reached a dead end. I can’t go back for the darkness is so black that it blinds me. I just take it. I am so much stronger than them all put together. But that doesn’t matter. They have reduced my willpower to dust, and in this way I am powerless. After an eternity, they get bored and leave, their clothes splattered with drying blood.

Mustering up every scrap of strength left within me, I stand up. The ground swoops beneath my feet; an ongoing whooshing sound vibrates thunderously through my skull. My leggings are already saturated with blood, and so I hold the worn hem of my grey tank top to my throbbing nose in an attempt to stop the blood flowing uncontrollably from both nostrils. My whole head pounds, yet my face feels the worst, almost like it has been entirely blown off. I locate my membership card from the pocket of my leggings as I enter the sports centre. The cleaner tuts ignorantly as a trail of blood marks the snow white tiles, which, by the looks of things, had just been mopped. This aside, nobody else gives me a second glance. I am unsure whether to be offended or relieved by this fact, but either way, I know as soon as I entered the climbing gym, that will instantly change.

Just as I expected, the moment I show my face at the climbing gym, the chill-out music is abruptly paused, and there is a sharp intake of breath from the staff on duty at reception. They hate this just as much as I do, but stand powerless in the matter. Well, almost powerless. Without hesitation, they lunge straight for the first aid kit behind the desk, and spring to work. While they practically force two paracetamol down my throat and reassemble my smashed and disfigured nose with strips of fabric climbing tape, wiping away the blood with wet-wipes, I can’t help but feel awful. Every day since I was seven years old, I have entered this building after school, sporting ailments of varying severity, which they have been obliged to attend to. We are like family, the five of us, ever since we met at our first climbing lesson at the tender age of five. But family should not have to watch each other get kicked down like this, standing by powerless because deep in their hearts they know the only thing they can do to help is clear up the blood afterwards.

I groan in agony when the deep cut on my wrist reopens, and in response Ant sighs and pushes back his forest green beanie, beads of sweat forming on his forehead. He hates blood.

“And you’re sure you don’t want me to drive you over to A and E?” He sighs, exasperated at my stubbornness.

“They’ll want to know what happened.” I reply coolly, and as he recoils, fixing me with an expressionless gaze, I know instantly that I’ve won.

And there it is guys! Hope you enjoyed me ranting on about depressing-ness! If you want to read the next part, leave it down in the comments, as well as suggestions for what could happen next. More on revision and exam tactics next week!


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Just a little update

Hey everyone!

Long time no see? I am so sorry, it’s hard to write because I need to write while my parents can’t see (which I must say is rather hard because the computer stays downstairs in the kitchen).

So I thought I’d just give you an update- what I’m liking at the moment, my fave recipes, and also things that I’ve overcome.  So if you’re interested, then keep reading!

  1. As teens, we all face the problem of spots. I’ve found that using the simple non alcoholic face wipes work really well and are also good for your skin. So if your struggling, try out these!
  2. Biscuits! I LOVE biscuits, I love making them and I love eating them. I must say, my favourite ones to buy have to be McVitie’s Digestive(Dark chocolate) or Cadbury’s Chocolate Fingers. Don’t you think they are both SOOOOO ADICTIVE?! Once you start, you can’t stop. Right? Anyway, and so this brings me on to my fave biscuits to make/bake. I LOVE Tanya Burr’s Triple Chocolate cookies. They are so easy to make, full of chocolate (which is always a good thing, unless you’re allergic) and super soft and scrumptious. I have to agree with Tanya that these are just the best cookies ever!!! The main picture for this post was from her blog post. Click here for the recipe
  3. I’ve finally got out of the unhealthy friendships at school and have made a group of lovely, fun and happy people. Eggy and Harry (That’s their nicknames on this blog) are so lovely and I trust them completely. I’m going for a sleepover tomorrow at Eggy’s house! So excited!! But of course we can’t forget about M, she is THE BEST! She has never left my side, said or done anything horrible to me. M, you are Magnificent! Love you!!! Don’t ever forget that.  So, I’ve overcome my fear of letting go and am finally starting to enjoy going to school. It’s been hard, and if you are in a similar situation to how I was, then take the leap of faith. Talk to who you trust most and see what they have to say. Sometimes, you’ve got to go that extra mile to get to where you deserve to be! Don’t be scared.
  4. If you’re in school, you’ll know the stress of getting ready in the morning and running out of time to eat breakfast. I’ve found that a really useful thing to do is to get your bag ready the night before school, that way you don’t have to rush aboyt looking for your trainers or books in the morning. It’s also really good if you get dressed first thing, then go downstairs and put your toast bread in the toaster so it can toast while doing your teeth. When the bread is toasted put on whatever you have your toast with (I am currently enjoying Nutella and strawberries) and then you can eat it in the car or on the way to the bus.
  5. The cinema! There are so many good films that are out or are coming out. I can not wait!!! I’ve got another post coming out tomorrow with a list!
  6. The Sims 4! I LOVE IT!!! For those who have it, how did you find the challenge? I wasn’t too keen on it, bit I guess it was alright- something fun to do. Also, comment or give a like if you want me to start posting Sims posts (Sims, Houses Custom Content)

I could go on all day, and I’ll probably do another list in a couple of months when some things have changed. I hope you all have a lovely day and thank you very much for reading this post- it means so much!

Love P, xox

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Day about town!

Hello everyone!

Happy Easter! I know it’s early but I’m going to Scotland tomorrow so I wont be able to do a post when it’s actually Easter. When I come back expect a blog post about where I went and what I got up to, hopefully featuring my sister again because the last post I did with her was pretty popular.

Today me, my mum and my sister went into town to get a few bits and bobs that we need, so I thought I’d do a bit of a haul post for you talking about my experience and what I bought.

Not sure if you guys are aware but Spotadot Blog now has an account on Instagram, Pinterest, and Goodreads, so if you fancied checking those out then head over to our blogs and there are some links on the sidebar!

Anyway, the main reason we went to town in the first place was to buy my summer uniform, which is  only supplied by one shop in the whole town. That meant we had to travel for an hour to get there since it’s quite far away from my house, so we just decided to make a day out of it. Only to find that when we got there, they hadn’t even ordered any in, even though the summer uniform will not be compulsory as of May!! Why?? My mum was pretty cross since we travelled for so long and they didn’t have what we were looking for!

Then, we went to the library, which I guess was our biggest mistake of the day! I only went and took out 10 books (and I am not sorry). Therefore, expect a huge library book challenge review post in a few months! Let me know if you have read any of these!


After drinking a very tasty milkshake from The Handmade Burger Company and discovering that the Gregs in this particular shopping centre DID NOT SELL THE BACON AND CHEESE WRAPS I LIKE I bought some new clothes and then went to Lush!!!! My mum gave me £6 to spend (thanks very much mum!) so I got some of the new Easter bubble bars. Both smell absolutely gorgeous!!


This is the Baa Bar (see what they did there) bubble bar- and look- it’s a cute sheepy!!! It smells soooooo good! But since nobody can properly describe smells I will just use the description on the Lush website: “This adorable little critter wants to tuck you up in a blanket of comforting lavender, rose and ylang ylang to help you bed down for the night. Fluffy clouds of soya milk cuddle you close and bring softness, while clove bud oil adds toastiness and warmth as you soak. A hint of bergamot teases out the grassier notes of fragrant lavender and violet, promising sweet dreams and a fresh tomorrow.”

I’m really excited to try this because I love lavender so much and look how cute it is!!! I bet it’s gonna turn the water lilac and pretty.


This is the Ladybird bubble bar (as you can tell). I just realised that I didn’t properly explain what a bubble bar is. Basically, they’re my favourite products from Lush. They are like a bath bomb except you crush a tiny bit under the running tap and it creates loads and loads of bubbles (which I reckon must be magic because they don’t disappear after like 5 minutes of soaking in the bath, they stay right until the last bit of water goes down the plug hole!). I love them because you can use them around 4-5 times and it’s such good value for money. Anyway, the description for this one is as follows: “This friendly little ladybird wants to take you under its wing and run you a hot floral bath, filled with sweet geranium oil to aid relaxation. A little peppermint oil gives a menthol hint to this flowery mix, helping to revive and uplift mind and body as you soak. Go all out for mountains of cheery bubbles or save a little for next time.” VERY excited to use this, I feel like the minty/flowery scent is a perfect combination and the mint would be great if you have a cold!

Ok, so apart from the fact that we didn’t get what we went all that way for and Gregs did not sell the delicious bacon and cheese wraps (which, by the way, I highly recommend) it was a great day and I am looking forward to reading all of my books and using my brand new bubble bars- yay! Keep an eye on our Instagram for updates and other bits and pieces!!

Have a great Easter holidays!

Love M xxxxx



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D of E Award

Hi Everyone! How are you? About two weeks ago I did my Duke of Edinburgh award bronze practice expedition! I learned a lot of things about myself and also some tips about how not to mess up as badly as I did. So, to help me remember them and also to help you when and if you do it. Here are my top tips to make the weekend as enjoyable as possible!


  1. Try to orientate your map
    This basically means turn your map around so it lines with how the roads look or in the same direction as a lake you can see
  2. Communication
    Talk to your teammates! If you feel you’re going the wrong way, chances are, you probably will be. If I hadn’t spoken out and made everyone in my group look at the map again and see we were going the wrong way, we would have probably ended up walking for an extra hour. So this one is super important!
  3. Be friendly
    Whatever you do, don’t fallout with someone in your group! It would be the most awkward thing ever if you both/all hate each other and you have to share a tent. Save yourself the embarrassment of a leader coming up to you and having sort out an argument that’s really over nothing.
  4. Set off early
    If you aim to set off on the next day at 8am, you have at least a good hour extra time for when/if you get lost. We did the first leg an 15 minutes when it should have been 45, so we had an extra 30 minutes for when we got lost to try to get back on track. It really helped and if we had set off at 8, we probably wouldn’t have needed picking up in the mini van!
  5. Food
    This might seem pretty obvious, but you are burning and using up loads of energy during the day so it’s really important you keep eating energy bars , sweets and chocolate to keep you going through out the day. Also, don’t forget to drink plenty too because you will get quite hot in all your walking gear and it’s important you stay hydrated.

So there you have it! My best 5 tips and tricks for Duke Of Edinburgh. Wish me luck when I’m out walking this weekend doing my real thing! I’m actually quite nervous!

Love P, xox